We are spreading germs to the things we touch

Public touchscreens are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Airport check-in kiosks, payment terminals, ATM's, gas pumps, fast food menus - they're everywhere. When you touch these devices, you're not only depositing your germs, you're potentially picking up those left behind by the last who knows how many customers.

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The percentage of illness-causing germs we spread with our hands.


Who knew?

There are more germs on your phone than there are on a toilet seat.


2-10 million

The number of bacteria living on your hands.


3 days

The length of time that germs can live on surfaces.


1 in 5

The number of people not regularly washing their hands.



The number of people touching payment and other types of terminals on a daily basis.


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Robotic POS terminal disinfection

The lumixUV POS terminal disinfection system is equipped with an array of high-power ultraviolet-C LEDs. UV-C light energy has been scientifically proven to disinfect surfaces to a level comparable to Lysol or alcohol (99.9%). After the customer completes a transaction as they normally would, the patent-pending lumixUV system passes these UVC LEDs over the POS terminal to disinfect its surface after each transaction, effectively killing any germs left behind by the customers’ hands.

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Automated self-service terminal disinfection

More and more businesses are adopting self-serve kiosks as an alternative to customer service associates. Checking into doctors’ offices, flights at the airport, and ordering at many fast-food restaurants can now be accomplished with these devices. lumixUV has adapted its patent-pending UV-C disinfection technology for use in these applications as well – passing high-power UV-C LEDs over the touchscreen after each use.

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Standalone credit card disinfection

There are many situations that require your credit card to be handed to a store associate for processing - think fast food drive-throughs and other similar businesses. These applications are exactly where the lumixUV CCS-100 shines. The patent-pending CCS-100 allows the customer to pass their credit card through the unit, completely sanitizing their credit card before being handled by the associate. Once the transaction has been processed, the associate passes the card back to the customer through the CCS-100 disinfection unit, keeping both the customer and store associate safe from any previously deposited germs.

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Complete, fully automated, high-touch
surface disinfection solutions.


Completely automated hospital-grade
disinfection after every customer.

Management Console

Real-time disinfection data
for all your devices through the
lumixUV Management Console.

Enhance Safety

Kills 99.9% of germs
(bacteria and viruses) on surfaces.

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